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Cycling Frog Sparkling THC Iced Tea Lemonade (4-pack)

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This Sparkling THC drink has a delightful taste of Iced Tea Lemonade and is crafted from a blend of black teas, fresh lemonade, and real THC. An excellent way to get a buzz without the booze.

Please Note: This product is very potent. Suggested use for experienced users only.

160 calories per can. Also contains 50mg of caffeine per can.

Special Features

Made with real black tea and lemon juice
No artificial flavors or coloring
Made with 100% hemp extract
Vegan & Non-GMO
Full Spectrum


16 oz

Serving Size

1/8th of a Can


50mg delta 9 THC & 50mg CBD


Water, Lemon Juice, Organic pear juice concentrate, Granulated sugar, Nano emulsified hemp extract (Distilled water, Modified starch, MCT oil, Hemp extract, Lactic acid, Potassium sorbate), Organic clarified lemon juice, Brewed black tea, Natural black leaf tea, Natural lemon flavor, Potassium sorbate

Certificate of Analysis
Cycling Frog Sparkling THC Iced Tea Lemonade (4-pack)
Cycling Frog Sparkling THC Iced Tea Lemonade (4-pack)