By cannabis enthusiasts, for cannabis enthusiasts. This is the motto that best represents the mission of Dyspensr, which is to provide high quality and safe products rooted in the stories of trusted brands and their people. Our product offerings are tested and hand-selected with you in mind. At Dyspensr, our focus is not only to find the best cannabis and consumption path for you, but to help educate and destigmatize the natural plant that millions of people around the world love, including you and me.

Dyspensr is made up of a collective of people with many years in the cannabis industry, who saw a need to provide clarity, visibility, and trust in the source of the products you use on a daily basis.

Dyspensr offers a wide variety of consumables, hardware, and accessories to create the best cannabis experience for you.


Dyspensr offers a variety of vaporizers across the Portable, Desktop, and Disposable categories, and focuses on the top brands in the industry.

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With a wide variety of selection from beverages to gummies, Dyspensr hand-selects the very best consumables that spans the entire cannabis spectrum.

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Smoking Products

From Hemp Cigarettes and beyond, Dyspensr is committed to providing high-quality and natural smoking products.

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