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Baked Water

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Stay High-drated and Be Happy with Baked Water Delta 9 THC Hydration Mix. This drink mix is the world's first electrolyte THC Delta 9 offering and is revolutionizing the way you relax and stay hydrated.

Derived from a sativa strain, Blue Raspberry Trainwreck offers a refreshing and tasty flavor that's perfect for any time.

Baked Water is a lifestyle. This THC drink mix is perfect for use with exercise, festivals, and sports. Also a great remedy for hangovers. Regain your hydration while you relax in a unique way!

Available in 1 pack.

1 pack = 40mg Delta 9 THC.

Special Features

Derived from hemp
Made from innovative nano-emulsified THC technology


1 oz

Serving Size

1 pack


40mg of Delta 9 THC

Certificate of Analysis
Baked Water